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Japan's ONLY exhibition for Food Safety and Quality Control

Awareness of food safety is at an all-time high in Japan, following a spate of high-profile incidents that have shaken consumer confidence in the quality and safety of manufactured food. Partly as a result of this, but also because of tightened regulations and the need to develop more innovative products in the market, investments are being made in all of the following areas: analysis and inspection, safety and hygiene, technology of powdered/liquid food, environmental technology and packaging technology. These themes come together at S-tec Japan 2023.

S-tec Japan is the only event in Japan that focuses on this highly specialized segment and provides the best opportunity to meet production, quality control and R&D professionals from food manufacturing companies.

Exhibitor Presentations

Participating companies present papers to introduce new products, reveal research results and announce new business developments. 

Special exhibitor presentations featuring the latest trends in Japan are planned again for 2022, and are expected to include the following topics: rapid inspection method for voluntary hygiene inspection; contract inspection organization to ensure safety and quality; digitization promotion & AI technology for safety and quality improvement; countermeasures against foreign substances and offensive odors; food ingredient analysis technology.

Special Conference

In addition to the Exhibitor Presentations, there was a Special Conference that featured high-profile speakers who presented papers on the latest developments in ingredients technology, marketing trends and advances in food safety and quality control.

Exhibiting Area and Exhibitor Profile

Safety and Hygiene

As well as HACCP consulting companies, this area features microbiological tests, safety analysis of residual pesticides, equipment, materials, sanitizers, cleaning materials, which are the basics of hygiene management to be reviewed under the mandatory HACCP.

Exhibitor Profile
  • Microorganisms / Allergens / Test Kits
  • Cleanliness Inspection Kit
  • Safety Contract Analysis
  • Sanitizer
  • Foreign Matter Countermeasures and Insect Repellent Materials
  • Foreign Matter Inspection Device
  • Sanitary Clothing, Cleaning Materials, Cleaning Equipment
  • HACCP Support Software


Powder and Liquid Technology

The target is powder and liquid processing technology that contributes to improving the quality of food. This is also where you could directly publicize processed foods, beverages, functional food materials, health food manufacturers' R & D, technical departments, and production departments.

Exhibitor Profile
  • Mixing / Stirring / Emulsifying Machine
  • Crushing / Granulating Machine
  • Drying Device
  • Heated & Non-heated Sterilizer
  • Separation / Purification / Extraction / Concentration Equipment
  • Locking Machine / Capsule Manufacturing Equipment


Food Analysis

This area features food quality assurance, analysis / measurement technology for functional research, component analysis equipment, taste / color / fragrance analysis equipment, physical property evaluation, temperature / humidity measurement equipment, and so on.

Exhibitor Profile
  • Nutritional Component Analyzer
  • Near Infrared Spectroscopic Analyzer
  • Chromatography / Mass Spectrometer
  • Antioxidant Capacity Measurement
  • Sugar Content / Salinity Meter
  • Moisture / Water Activity / pH Meter
  • Taste / Color / Smell Identification Device


Food Eco

This area will highlight solutions related to the environmental problems of the food industry, such as wastewater treatment at food factories, measures against bad odors, and reuse of by-products.

Exhibitor Profile
  • Wastewater Treatment Equipment / Materials
  • Deodorizing / Deodorizing Equipment System
  • Effective Utilization System of Unused Resources
  • Decarbonization / Energy Saving Solution

Packaging and Label

This area will be a matching place that connects packaging users and packaging suppliers in the food and beverage fields.

Exhibitor Profile
  • Films, Flexible Packaging Materials, Containers, Labels
  • Three-way Seal / Four-way Seal Packaging Machine
  • Vacuum Gas Replacement Packaging Machine
  • Bag Making, Container Molding and Filling Machine

Visitor Profile

  • Food / Beverage Manufacturers
  • Health Food / Supplement / Nutritional Food Manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics / Additive Manufacturers
  • Testing / Research Institutes
  • Food Service / Distributions / Trading Companies