About Plant-based Food Development Corner

Plant-based Food Development Corner

Health ingredients (Hi) Japan Focus on Ingredients for Plant-based Food

Various plant-based ingredients and delicious plant-based foods for food development

Thanks to heightened health consciousness and environmental awareness, the development of substitute meats and milk replacements using plant-based ingredients is increasing substantially. In this corner, a comprehensive collection of ingredients for the development of delicious plant-based foods that will be important in the future will be exhibited.

Exhibitor Presentations

Exhibitors present papers introducing new products, research results and new business development announcements. In the Exhibitor Presentations, there will be special theme sessions on plant-based food development technology, which will draw greater audiences.

Exhibitor Profile

Plant-based Protein Ingredients
Plant-based Milk
Plant-based Meat
Plant-based Oils and Fats
Gelling / Thickening stabilizer

Visitor Profile

  • Food / Beverage Manufacturers
  • Supplement / Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics Manufacturers
  • Trading Companies / Wholesales
  • Testing / Research Institute
  • Mail Order Sales