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New Food Resources Corner

Health ingredients (Hi) Japan Focus on New Food Resources

Proposals for using new food resources that are attracting attention now

In the midst of global climate changes and an increase in man-made products, securing and developing food resources for the future have become a major issue for Japan, which currently has insufficient food resources.

Current efforts include the development of resources that were not previously used as food, such as microorganisms, algae, plankton and insects, as well as the development of cultured meat.

At Hi Japan 2023, materials and research that are attracting attention for introducing new food resources will be showcased, designed to attract to food and health food companies.

Exhibitor Presentations

Exhibitors present papers introducing new products, research results and new business development announcements. In the Exhibitor Presentations, there will be specially themed sessions on new food resources, such as the development and utilization of insects, algae; as well as proposals for the utilization of unused resources.

Exhibitor Profile

Cultured Meat
Effective Use of Unused Resources        etc.

Visitor Profile

  • Food / Beverage Manufacturers
  • Supplement / Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics Manufacturers
  • Trading Companies / Wholesales
  • Testing / Research Institute
  • Mail Order Sales