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Fermented Ingredients Pavilion

Food ingredients for Taste (FiT) Japan Focus on fermented ingredients

Increase the added value of food "deliciousness and health function" by fermentation

Fermented foods are very popular in Japan, and have been used by the Japanese people for a long time, and Japan, with wisdom and experience in a country that has few resources. In recent years, in addition to traditional fermented foods, products and ingredients with new levels of deliciousness and functionality added in the fermentation process have been developed, and natural rare ingredients produced by fermentation can now be efficiently obtained.

Fermentation has added value to food and ingredients in terms of both deliciousness and health maintenance, and the development of such is drawing attention again.

At FiT Japan 2023, an expansion of the Fermented Ingredients Pavilion is planned under the theme of adding value to food by increasing its "deliciousness and health function" using fermentation. Exhibition in this pavilion will be promoted and publicized not only in Japan but also overseas, to domestic and foreign food companies, health food manufacturers, school lunch staff, nutritionists, etc.

Exhibitor Presentations

Exhibitors present papers introducing new products and research results and announce new business developments. There will be special theme sessions on fermentation, such as how to increase food value with fermented ingredients, which will draw greater audiences.

Exhibitor Profile

Fermented Food Ingredients
Ingredients for Health Foods using Fermentation Technology
Fermented Food / Material Manufacturing Contract, OEM Supply Fixed Agent

Visitor Profile

  • Food / Beverage Manufacturers
  • Supplement / Pharmaceutical / Cosmetics Manufacturers
  • Trading Companies / Wholesales
  • Testing / Research Institute
  • Mail Order Sales