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[JAPAN's Health Industry] Collagen Peptide: Shipment Volume Has Reached a Record 5,800 Tons in Japan

Synonymous with beauty ingredient, collagen’s popularity requires no explanation. It was once said that its popularity hit its peak, but the status has changed, and its market has been showing signs of resurgence in 2017. According to Gelatin Manufacturers Association of Japan, the latest research report released in 2018 shows that the 2017’s sales volumes of collagen peptide increased by 1,000 tons, reaching a total of 5,800 tons, showing a 20% increase from the previous year, and which was the highest on record since the research started. The domestic sales for food applications occupied most of its sales, reaching 4,772 tons which was a 15% increase from the previous year.

Amongst collagens, fish collagen is most popular. The shortage of raw materials is increasingly becoming serious because the demand for such ingredients, including freshwater fish’s scales and skins, is significantly increasing in Japan. Local ingredient suppliers are finding it very difficult to procure those raw materials. Although they are gathering the dispersed ingredients of the same grades and expanding the fish species in order to face this situation, they could not gather enough ingredients to replenish their stocks and not respond to new deals because of the lack of stock. Furthermore, suppliers have in union increased their prices last year. Thanks to the collagen’s high-recognition and being synonymous with beauty ingredient and reasonable prices, it has enjoyed impregnable popularity, but its price hike was a hard blow to the market, and this situation is expected to continue.

Meanwhile, collagens from different sources such as pig skin collagen and cowhide collagen are now being suggested, as well as high-functional collagen ingredients.

Furthermore, collagen has established a firm and strong position as a beauty ingredient, and now it is also drawing attention as a sports food and food that is good to prevent locomotive syndrome. Especially, in sports, it is reported in magazines for athletes that collagen could prevent injuries and help athletes recover, and that it is recommended to be used positively. Collagen is now expected to explore this new market.

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