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[JAPAN's Health Industry] Gastrointestinal Support Foods: Expand the Market of Prebiotics and Probiotics

Gastrointestinal trouble is a leading modern-day sickness. It drew attention due to a stressed-out society, which is partly due to the Westernisation of diet. In most cases, Japanese people depend on pharmaceutical products when their condition toward various symptoms gets worse. On the other hand, intestinal trouble is one of the leading illnesses of people today as the number of those concerned with IBS is increasing. About Intestine, the terms “intestinal flora” and “bowel brain correlation” are now being used by many people, and research report regarding prebiotics and probiotics for intestinal environment normalisation have had exposures in the media. There is a report regarding a risk that stomach and intestinal troubles depend on pharmaceutical products. This means there is an increasing need for a healthy stomach and intestinal functions.

Recently, the domestic market for medicines for digestion is growing. The reasons for this is the decreasing number of general pharmaceutical products in the market because of decreasing consumption, absence of products that significantly impacts people, super ageing society and, decreasing population. An exception to this includes foreign tourists who went on a shopping spree for general pharmaceutical products including Chinese herbal medicines. However, domestic demand that is worth JPY 50 billion in the market cannot be stopped from decreasing. Pharmaceutical companies indicate that one reason for this is the decreasing number of big drinking parties by companies.

Expand the market of prebiotics and probiotics

70 percent of one’s immune cells concentrate in the bowel. The recognition of “intestinal flora” is rapidly increasing. In addition to bowel-brain correlation, prebiotics and probiotics, the concept of synbiotics is widespread nowadays. Prebiotics is defined as “the increase and activation of a specific bacterial group living in the large intestines; it has good effects people and indigestible substances, which has health improvement functions.” Related ingredients are Oligosaccharide and dietary fibre (inulin, polydextrose and more). On the other hand, the definition of probiotics is “live bacteria that impacts one’s health when people take a certain amount”, and as materials, it indicates lactic acid bacteria, Bifidobacterium and more. The proper way of thinking is that the intake of prebiotics and probiotics, with a good balance and approaching the intestinal environment, is called synbiotics. This is not a new concept, but the enlightening by manufacturer is succeeded and consumers are recognising this bit by bit.

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