Hi/FiT/S-tec Japan 2018 - 3-5 October 2018
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[Hi/ FiT/ S-tec Info] Lactic acid bacteria, Probiotics & Prebiotics ingredients will be a HOT topic at Hi Japan 2017

With an increasing attention to intestinal flora, products with lactic acid bacteria, such as probiotics, are surely becoming, becoming more established and developing further. With a function-active research and transmission of information, such products are doing well in sales. Research reveals that the bacteria perform intestinal action, spreading into gastrointestinal disease prevention and reducing allergy risks. The functions of lactic acid bacteria are drawing a lot of attention at the moment. Indeed, many products with lactic acid bacteria have been accepted in the Foods with Function Claims (FFC), and the number is expected to increase further in the near future. At Hi Japan 2017, lactic acid bacteria ingredients, probiotics ingredients and prebiotics ingredients will be showcased by many exhibitors, as special presentations related to lactic acid bacteria will be given.