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[JAPAN's Industry News] Foods with Function Claims (FFC) Featuring DHA/EPA Have Reached 83 Products; the Market is now Estimated at JPY 30 Billion!

With the introduction of Foods with Function Claims (FFC), DHA/EPA has been showing a vigorous market. As of 26 April, the number of FFC reached 877 products, and it is expected to go over 1,000 this summer. Of the total number of FFC products, DHA/EPA comprises 83, which is close to 10%. Compared with other functional ingredients, DHA/EPA has an outstanding number of scientific evidence; EPA is now being used to treat lifestyle diseases. Nowadays DHA/EPA is becoming synonymous to “health promotion” and “increasing healthy life expectancy”.

There is a wide variety of food types, and NISSUI, whose number of FFC products is the highest, has been developing DHA/EPA products for a wide variety of food types, such as supplement, sausage, frozen, retort soup and so on. Also, other companies have been following these trends, and the DHA/EPA market is now entering an expansionary phase. Furthermore, DHA/EPA that originates from fish oil has a high affinity with general-processed food, and the number of applications for common food is expected to increase more and more.

It is said that Japan’s DHA/EPA market was estimated at JPY22 billion in 2012. Thanks to the launching of FFC and the increase of supplement demands, according to the calculation of a private research company, the market has reached the JPY 30 billion market. Active functional research related to DHA/EPA has been carried out, and the variety of uses has been studied from several points of view, such as anti-inflammatory, eye care, antihypertensive, sports, care, prevention of illness and so on, and the effectiveness of DHA/EPA is becoming well-recognised. The demand is expected to expand further in the future, and the market is strongly expected to expand further as well.

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