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[JAPAN's Industry News] Product Development is Flourishing and the Most Popular Type of New Products in 2016 was “Beverage” Type

The number of newly launched healthy foods and functional nutritional foods in 2016 was 355, which increased by 3% from 2015. The product type with the highest number of items was beverage type again, as it was in the previous year.

When it comes to health and beauty drinks, functional yogurt drinks, smoothies and sweet sake sold very well in the market, due to the increasing consciousness of consumers when it comes to health. Furthermore, sports drinks, such as jelly drinks that include amino acid, citric acid, proteins etc, also did well since more and more people are becoming increasingly interested in sports.

Under these circumstances, the number of Foods with Function Claims (FFC) went over 750 products as of 8 March 2017, and within these FFC products, 150 are beverage types. Now, the ingredients suppliers are increasing their line-up of beverage ingredients for FFC.

Abstract of The Health Industry News