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[JAPAN's Industry News] Overseas Raw Materials Receives Positive Responses on the Basis of FFC (Foods with Function Claims)

Functional ingredients from overseas are now being utilized by more and more local companies, thanks to FFC (Foods with Function Claims). Since FFC started in 2015, notifications of overseas ingredients with functional evidences, such as lutein, collagen, ginkgo biloba and so on, have been received quickly. In that situation, overseas supplier and Japanese purchasers have to work closely.

There are many overseas suppliers who can present evidences that their ingredients have many scientific benefits. However, receiving notification for the FFC needs to follow the Japanese format and style, as indicated by the Japanese government. This makes it difficult for overseas companies to apply for FFC on their own, which is why they need Japanese partners. If this matter could be remedied, according to a marketing company, the Japanese market could be more attractive for overseas suppliers, because the Japanese market tends to be more interested in the functional benefits of ingredients, rather than the price.

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