Hi/FiT/S-tec Japan 2019 - 2-4 October 2019


Exhibitor Presentation Programme

A comprehensive presentation of the latest trends and issues in the food industry runs in conjunction with the exhibition. The showcase attracts a high number of professionals from the Japanese food industry who are interested in sourcing ingredients and technology. During the three days of Hi / FiT / S-tec Japan 2018, 380 presentations attracted a total audience of over 10,000 attendees. Hi / FiT / S-tec Japan 2019 will again feature the “Exhibitor Presentation” programme featuring cutting edge ingredients, technology and marketing. Furthermore, with more demands from international visitors, English speaking presentations are planned to be held this year. The presentation programme is published in the exhibition seminar guide that is available with the commemoration seminar programme, and disseminated through DM and the website.

Take full advantage of the "Exhibitor Presentation Programme"!

Duration 20-minute time slot per session
(10-minute set-up and clear-up time not included)
Costs JPY37,000 per session (exclusive of tax: The current applicable tax rate is 10% on the prices.)
Equipment to be
installed at a
presentation room
PC x 1, Projector x 1, Screen x 1, Microphone x 1, Pointer x 1
(PPT or PDF of presentation material in USB memory and an interpreter should be arranged by the presenter)
Capacity Approximately 90 people

Visitor Promotion

Official Publications

Exclusive editorial and promotional coverage will be featured in the UBM Japan Publication, Food Processing and Ingredients and The Health Industry News.

Food Processing and Ingredients introduces the latest trends in technology, ingredients and food processing equipment. The subscribers are people in charge of R&D and manufacturing in the food service, pharmaceuticals, mechanical and chemical fields.

The Health Industry News reports in detail on the health products industry with articles covering the activities of manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers as well as trends in legislation.

World-wide Promotion

Hi / FiT / S-tec Japan is being promoted through the worldwide UBM office network and at relevant tradeshows around the globe.